In search of streamlined IT asset management, WestEd found a perfect match with Revivn. With a focus on data security and recycling, Revivn's user-friendly portal, asset association, and strong communication checked all the boxes. Read our interview with WestEd's IT asset manager, Steven Sell, to learn how Revivn transformed their hardware lifecycle management process.

Q: What issues originally required you to seek a service like Revivn? 

A: A lot of companies do offer recycling services and data destruction, but the big draw to Revivn was their user portal and the ease of access to that. This was for two reasons. One, for transparency of data destruction. Two, for my inventory purposes with the serial number association. All the records that stay in the portal are super pivotal now to how we do our recycling.

Q: Why did you choose Revivn over other services that were out there?

A: We had a couple services that we've used. More than anything, it was about finding a balance of reliability across our sites because WestEd has sites across the country. There are lots of local vendors, but that obviously wouldn’t work for us.

The second reason we chose Revivn was that it provided us with the ability to present the data in a useful way. A lot of vendors will just send manifests or things of that sort that just get lost in the weeds. So, the portal was a big selling point and also the communication back and forth has always been very solid.

Q: Can you tell me a bit about your first interaction with Revivn and how that went? 

A: It was with Alexis and it was super positive. It was mostly about testing the portal and getting it set up.

This was early in Covid, so I was working out of my garage. We had our first small pickup there as a sample and the Revivn crew was super nice. The first interaction has been consistent with the rest: very positive. 

Q: Has Revivn made managing the end-of-life process for these assets easier for you? If so, how?

A: Absolutely. Namely with the portal, the Certificate of Data Destruction with serial numbers, the consistent record of dates, and just everything that is tied in with the assets going out. 

Q: Can you give me a little bit of insight as to what the process looked like before you found Revivn? 

A: Beforehand, it was more of a manual process. Basically, we still double record everything that goes out, but we used to send out our assets and wait for the confirmation to return. It always came in the form of a paper document. I don't know if it's something that companies hadn't figured out yet, but we basically have to audit this physical document, go back to our records, and change the digital records.

Now, with the database that we have, it's as easy as a lookup. That's the biggest, most dramatic improvement.

Q: As a nonprofit, how does working with a PBC like Revivn – where our purpose is giving the world access to a computer – align with your mission as well? 

A: It does align well with the WestEd mission. The main motivator for finding a recycler is data security. We are a nonprofit and we do work with schools, but more than anything, it's a matter of disposing of data and things of that sort. That's the strongest connection.

Q: Can you give me a little bit of insight as an IT professional? What are your priorities and has Revivn met these priorities? 

A:  As an IT professional, my biggest priority is to keep our users working above all. Revivn keeps the flow going so that we are able to confidently get these things out and cycle through our beginning to end-of-life again. The recycling piece is the last piece, but it kind of kicks off the beginning all over again.

Q: Why would you say you continue to work with Revivn? What keeps bringing you back?

A: I would say the ease of use and then the performance of the portal. Specifically, the association of the assets with the disposal records and such.

Q: Can you give me a little bit of insight into the time saved with Revivn and what you are able to accomplish and prioritize instead? 

A: Absolutely. The time saved has allowed me to invest my time into user assessments to better understand our user's needs so that we can implement either new types of hardware or new pieces of technology. That was time that I didn't really have before. Now, I am able to do more than ever.

Q: Can you share with us your most memorable story working with Revivn?

A: It’s not something I experienced firsthand, but we coordinated one of our first large pickups from our San Francisco office, which is our headquarters. It was the first time that we interacted with Revivn that I wasn't physically a part of. There were tons of things that had to go out and there were different estimates of what was expected to be picked up versus what was actually picked up. The onsite guys were super helpful. They were great working with my support guy that was over there. They prioritized getting things done, and we were really happy with it.

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