Repurpose your unused tech for a greater cause.

Revivn is a hardware lifecycle management platform providing enterprises with a white glove, all in one software-enabled solution for managing and repurposing their IT assets.

enterprises of the future partner with Revivn.

One Simple Solution for All Your Offices

Repurpose technology with Revivn, calculate your carbon offsets, and earn funds back.


Revivn is a one stop shop for all hardware (from monitors, to cables, laptops, and everything in between), and has global collection capabilities.

all in one solution

Using our all-in-one software-enabled solution, Revivn integrates into your hardware lifecycle management process.

built for the enterprise

Dedicated Partner Success Team to help you through every step in the process from onboarding to software deployment and training.


We believe repurposing hardware is the future. This helps keep devices out of landfills while also providing tech access to communities in need.

We service across the globe

Revivn is proud to be a global organization enabling companies all over the world to manage the lifecycle of their hardware with our software-enabled solution.

Handling all hardware with a software-enabled solution

Managing your enterprise hardware’s lifecycle has never been easier. With Revivn’s all-in-one software-enabled solution partners are able to schedule their pick up with Revivn, oversee the status of the process, and download documentation regarding the recycling, repurposing, data destruction and more.

The Latest from Revivn



Casey Carlton, Webflow’s Director, Head of IT and Business Technology, has been a long-time user of Revivn. Utilizing Revivn’s services in a previous role in 2018 to currently using Revivn at Webflow, we spoke to Casey, and he reflected on his initial interactions with Revivn, concerns with finding a hardware lifecycle management company, and why he pursued a partnership with Revivn when he joined Webflow.



We spoke with Randy Tanenhaus, former IT Manager for ClassPass, about his experience working with Revivn, why he initially decided to pursue a partnership with Revivn, using Revivn at multiple global locations, and more!


Employee Spotlight: Stefan Ziff

Meet Stefan Ziff, Revivn’s Global Tech Lead who has been with Revivn for over 6 years! We spoke with Stefan about how he met one of Revivn’s founders at a barbeque, what the best part about working at Revivn is, his proudest accomplishment at Revivn, and more!


The Revivn Impact


Revivn repurposes thousands of pieces of enterprise hardware every year, keeping these machines out of landfills and giving them a new purpose.

We provide the world access to a computer.

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