In our ongoing quest to help businesses streamline IT asset management and reduce costs, we sat down with Khoros’ IT Manager, Glenn Rodgers, to learn more about their experience partnering with Revivn.

Q: How does Revivn’s platform help you verify that all the data is destroyed following the NIST and DOD guidelines? 

A: I actually just had to pull this for the security team. There's a certificate tied to every job and the certificate says that the data has been destroyed following the guidelines. It has a full report of all the equipment that was picked up.

Q: What would you say is your favorite feature about that platform and why? 

A: I liked it because it was simple. I was able to log in and pull what I needed. It was easy for me to get in there and see where everything was. 

Q: How would you say the communication has been with Revivn? If you needed a problem solved or if you had a question or an issue, was it responded to in a timely and efficient manner?

A: Yes, our Account Executive is super on the ball. I never had to wait for anything, so it's been great.

Q: What would you say is the key benefit Revivn has provided you? 

A: It's been really simple and hands off for us. We can schedule a pickup, get the equipment ready, and they come in and handle everything. The communication is great and there's never any worry of things falling through the cracks or schedules being missed. 

Q: As an IT leader, can you tell me a little bit about your priorities when it comes to the hardware lifecycle process? Is Revivn helping you meet those priorities? 

A: My main priority is reduced cost. I think the good thing about Revivn is when you take our laptops, sometimes we'll get some buyback if there is any value in it. So far everything either has buyback or the pickup fees have been waived, so that's saving us money on the back end there.

Q: How would you say Revivn’s services have improved your workplace? 

A: They helped us clear out our store room, so they got us some space back. Even during Covid, they did some pickups in our San Francisco office and it was easy. We just put the equipment out there and they came in to pick it up. Everyone felt safe with the interaction, so that was great. 

Q: What is it like working with Revivn to manage pickups at different locations? 

A: It's been great. It worked the same for each location. It's been easy for all of the different sites that we've scheduled at. 

Q: What would you say makes Revivn so special or different?

A: The communication has been really great. I never have to follow up and say, “Hey what happened with this? Where is it going?” That's always super helpful, and just the community outreach that they do as well as has been great.

Q: What is one word to sum up your Revivn experience?

A: Easy would be the one word that comes to mind. 

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