Favor Delivery

In today's world, responsible disposal of outdated electronic equipment is crucial for businesses. Favor Delivery, a leading company in its industry, faced the challenge of disposing of old hardware, and the search for a solution led them to Revivn. When Kristen Ahlstrom, IT manager at Favor first joined the company, she encountered a stockpile of old equipment tucked away in a closet. The need for responsible disposal was evident. Thankfully, Revivn came to the rescue.

Revivn caught Favor's attention when a representative reached out to them directly. The timing was perfect, aligning with Favor Delivery’s growing need to address their equipment disposal challenges. Kristen was impressed with the ease of communication and the shared commitment to responsible e-waste management.

Favor Delivery found several compelling reasons to choose Revivn. The certificate of insurance was readily provided without any inconvenience. The certificate of data destruction added an extra layer of security and satisfied the CTO's requirements. Compared to previous vendors, Revivn simplified the process, eliminating the need for extensive legwork. Scheduling pickups and appointments was effortless, and the professionalism of Revivn's team stood out.

As the first IT Manager at Favor Delivery, Kristen actively developed the hardware lifecycle management processes. Revivn's web application played a significant role in simplifying the task. While Genuity, a separate tool, helped track the hardware lifecycle, Revivn's user-friendly web application made scheduling pickups and reviewing previous interactions effortless.

Communication with Revivn has been exceptional. The professional and helpful approach of Revivn's team ensured that no major issues arose, and the overall communication experience has been top-notch. The simplicity and transparency of Revivn's services make it easy to continue the partnership. The peace of mind that comes from responsible disposal and the avoidance of adding to landfills keeps Favor Delivery returning to Revivn.

The partnership between Revivn and Favor Delivery exemplifies the value of seamless hardware lifecycle management. The convenience, transparency, and professionalism demonstrated by Revivn have made the hardware lifecycle management process effortless. As they continue to collaborate, the clutter is reduced, mental space is freed up, and responsible e-waste management becomes a shared priority.

To learn more about Favor Delivery, visit their website: https://www.favordelivery.com

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