Revivn provides enterprises with a white glove, all-in-one software-enabled solution for managing and repurposing their IT assets.

Handling all hardware with a software-enabled solution

Managing your enterprise hardware lifecycle has never been easier. With Revivn’s all-in-one software-enabled solution partners are able to schedule their pick up with Revivn, oversee the status of the process, and download documentation regarding the recycling, repurposing, data destruction and more.

Automation through software

Automate your experience with Revivn using our all-in-one solution. Schedule your pick up and Revivn takes care of the rest.

All-in-one solution

Partnering with Revivn means less negotiating, less waiting, and more time for your IT team to support your organization. We’re able to handle everything from networking equipment and laptops to peripherals and broken monitors. Follow your pickup every step of the way with our proprietary software.

Convenience and transparency

Revivn strives to provide partners with convenience and transparency. To do so, we ensure we manage the entire process for our partners, start to finish, and we end every engagement with a Revivn Transparency Report. This report includes a full inventory of items collected with serial numbers, makes, models and conditions. It also states the names & mission statements of organizations your hardware supported.

The Revivn App

The Revivn App stores all your information throughout the history of your partnership with Revivn and integrates with your SSO. View decommissioned asset reports, download certificates of destruction, and request a pickup without sending an email. Whether your pickup was in Seattle or London, users will be able to see everything on a single platform.



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