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Manage the complete end-of-life process, from scheduling pick-ups to downloading certifications and reports, all from a single platform.

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What you can do with the Revivn App

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Pickups made easy

Select your preferred pickup day and time in the app. Just tell us what to collect (or snap a photo), and we’ll do the rest.

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Certifications & reporting at your fingertips

Simplify audits, simplify life. Download asset lists and certificates of destruction to prove that your data has been securely destroyed and your assets ethically recycled. View environmental impact reports to see tangible results of your sustainability efforts.

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Donate with one click

Track your earnings in the app. It’s your choice — keep the funds, or donate them to support nonprofit initiatives. Your donation equips and empowers underserved communities with devices and tech access.

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Automated shipping and retrieval

Remote employees? Simply click to ship them a box to send their assets back to any of your company locations. Get notifications, send reminders, and track progress.

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Customers love the Revivn App

“Revivn provided us with the ability to present data in a useful way. The Revivn App was a big selling point.”

Steven Sell
IT Asset Manager at WestEd

“The app is invaluable. Providing analytics, reporting data – I don’t have to sort it myself. I just log in and look at it.”

Christian Alvarado
Senior IT Manager at PatientPop

“You can easily schedule pickups just in the Revivn App. It’s very user friendly. Honestly, it’s better than most consoles I work with as an administrator.”

Maria Scutari
IT Support Engineer at Intersection

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