About Revivn

Revivn is a fully integrated hardware lifecycle solution, promoting global responsibility while providing IT with enterprise-class service and security.

Five core values that drive everything we do

The Rigatoni Rule

Like a family dinner over a comforting bowl of pasta, we strive to delight our customers with unparalleled hospitality. By investing in the lifetime value of everyone we work with, we foster relationships today to spark serendipity tomorrow.

Work with your hands

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get it done. Let’s figure it out. Let’s fix, let’s improve, and let’s value building without a blueprint.

Show up

In-person connections fuel our magic. Our history proves that just being face-to-face can be a game changer. So we physically show up — as ourselves, for ourselves, and for each other. Human connection is our superpower.

No excuses

Through resilience, resourcefulness, and a “Yes, and” approach, we turn setbacks into comebacks. But while we demand the best, we also support each other as people first. We’ll believe in you fiercely, even on the days you might not.

Earn it

At Revivn, we value grit and perseverance. We’re thankful for each step of the climb, and see the journey as the reward. The real prize is the growth and confidence we forge along the way.

Meet the founders

College friends turned East Village roommates, little did John and Anthony know that their cramped NY apartment would later be known as the “OG” Revivn headquarters.

Bursting at the seams with old laptops and outdated hardware, that apartment gave rise to an important question, "What if we found a way to repurpose all this — for social good?”

And if their tiny apartment sparked that question, imagine how the same question could apply to companies that manage massive amounts of hardware. In 2012, Revivn was born.

Now, over a decade later, co-CEOs John Fazzolari and Anthony Serina are changing the way businesses manage the hardware lifecycle — giving companies the chance to make responsible choices that impact the greater good. Revivn’s story is just beginning. With each new customer, each device repurposed, and each community empowered, Revivn is building a path toward a more sustainable future.


Meet the team

With over 150 employees worldwide, Revivn has expanded to cities across the globe, including New York, Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, Austin, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Dublin, Paris, London, and Berlin.

Team Revivn is made up of software engineers, hardware technologists, customer success managers, and a network of certified pros to come to you onsite anywhere in the world.

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The Revivn impact

Working with companies like Instacart, Qualtrics, X, Gensler, Allbirds and Lyft, we’re giving companies better, more responsible choices for hardware lifecycle management. When you work with Revivn, you can choose to get back or give back: receiving funds for outdated assets, or donating to underserved communities. Revivn repurposes thousands of enterprise hardware assets every year, keeping these machines out of landfills and giving them a new purpose.

Let’s not just dream of a sustainable future. Let’s create it — together.

B Corp badge

Public Benefit Corporation

Revivn is a Public Benefit Corporation: a for-profit enterprise that has a public benefit mission in addition to our ultimate purpose: to provide the world access to a computer. Revivn is committed to this high-growth, high-impact model of doing good.

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