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Why our team loves working at Revivn

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"Revivn is a progressive company that consistently looks to grow and improve our core services to make hardware lifecycle management easier for our partners. It’s exciting to work for a company looking to disrupt an industry by viewing challenges as opportunities. Yesterday is not the same as today and I look forward to what the future brings!"

Alexis Lynch

Senior Partner Executive

"No two days are the same at Revivn. I have the opportunity to solve complex problems while collaborating with a talented team that is laser-focused on providing the best partner experience possible and delivering on our purpose every day."

Chris Evans

Director of Operations

"I love contributing to something that’s growing. I feel challenged and I learn something new everyday but my favorite thing about working at Revivn are the people hands down."

Katie Ayres


"Revivn works to ensure that hardware reaches its full lifecycle and that e-waste is responsibly managed. After a decade of working in public education, i've experienced first hand the reality of the tech divide and how it impacts students and communities. Revivn helps to ensure that students around the globe have the resources they need to be successful."

Nick Lanza

Partner Success

"In addition to the “fun” startup perks Revivn offers, like lots of snacks, flexible PTO, and a beautiful city view, they also provide an abundance of career growth opportunities. It’s so fun to be part of a company during this high-growth phase, while being surrounded by so many smart, authentic, and kind people. Contributing to a mission-driven company taking on a cause as large as bridging the digital divide worldwide fills me with so much pride."

Courtney Bannon

Partner Executive

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Employee Spotlight: Courtney Bannon

Meet our next Employee Spotlight, Revivn’s Senior Partner Executive, Courtney Bannon! In her day-to-day, Courtney is responsible for bringing on new partners to Revivn and setting them up for success on the Revivn platform!


Employee Spotlight: Tajj Kennana

Meet our next Employee Spotlight, Revivn’s Inbound Senior Lead, Tajj Kennana! While working at Revivn, Tajj has provided one-on-one guidance for various team members throughout their development at Revivn — leaving a positive impact on both individuals and the company culture.


Employee Spotlight: Jack Simon

Meet Jack Simon, Revivn’s GM of Global Logistics! During his time at Revivn, Jack has worn many hats and had roles in almost every department. We had the opportunity to speak with Jack about how he initially learned about Revivn, his career journey to Revivn, what he likes to do in his free time, and more.


Revivn is a values-driven organization.

Mindfulness & Empathy

Being able to put yourself in the position of your counterpart, whether that be a partner, prospect, coworker, boss, or vendor.

Embracing Ambiguity

People who embrace change and an unknown future, yet understand the long-term opportunity, are the happiest.


Be authentic. Be yourself. We are who we are, and our style is our style. Take advantage of strengths and work to overcome weaknesses.

Belief & Trust

Coming out of Revivn the best professional possible. Every person at Revivn has an impact on the direction of the company.

High Performance

Accomplishing great work is more important than hours worked.

Working with companies like Airbnb, Twitter, Teach for America, and Lyft we are changing the way companies view old technology with a new model that focuses on repurposing electronics. Our global solution has expanded to cities across the globe from San Francisco, Paris, New York, Dublin, Portland, Seattle, London, Chicago, Austin, Berlin, Atlanta, Boston, Washington DC, Denver, Salt Lake, Phoenix, Nashville, and more!

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