Casey Carlton, Webflow’s Director, Head of IT and Business Technology, has been a long-time user of Revivn. Utilizing Revivn’s services in a previous role in 2018 to currently using Revivn at Webflow, we spoke to Casey, and he reflected on his initial interactions with Revivn, concerns with finding a hardware lifecycle management company, and why he pursued a partnership with Revivn when he joined Webflow.


Casey’s relationship with Revivn started with a familiar problem to all of our partners – a surplus of enterprise hardware had accumulated, and he needed to find a solution. But his main concern was he didn’t want this project to require too many resources from his team. “My concern, before I knew how Revivn operated, was dedicating my team's resources to actually wiping all the laptops or doing all these things that needed to happen. I needed their time to be spent on their work – supporting our users.” Casey recalled speaking to an Airbnb employee at the company’s headquarters who had mentioned a company that could help solve this problem – Revivn.


“My team’s involvement was minimal. I didn't notice an issue with them not being able to do their jobs because Revivn handled it. And that stuck in the back of my mind. And when I came to Webflow, Revivn was exactly what we needed in the first few months.”


Within the first quarter of working at Webflow, Casey was met with a very similar issue as before, but this time there was an added complexity to the problem. Not only did they need a hardware lifecycle management solution due to an accumulation of hardware and pressure from the accounting team to get assets off the books, but a large majority of their company is fully remote and managing assets across multiple locations was proving to be a challenge.


“Prior to using Revivn, we had a couple of warehouses storing some of our equipment, and we had the added challenge of being a remote-first company and most of our employees are not in one central location. With that combination, it was really just a hodgepodge of different solutions. What ended up happening, mostly due to the lack of resources at the time, was people just held onto their retired laptops or assets instead of having a proactive approach for dealing with these assets.”


Luckily Casey was able to recall his positive experience working with Revivn in previous roles, and Revivn was able to help establish a process for Webflow’s hardware lifecycle management across various locations.


We asked Casey to tell us a bit about his relationship with Revivn, and he shared, “It’s a good relationship for sure. In my opinion, the best customer service providers are those that make you feel like you're their only customer. Revivn consistently provides high levels of customer service, and ultimately, this adds value by giving me and my team back time and energy.”

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