Outbrain is a content discovery platform that helps connect readers with the most interesting and relevant content on the internet. They partner with publishers and advertisers to provide a personalized content experience for users across the web. Their platform serves more than 250 billion recommendations per month to over a billion people worldwide.

Having such a large user base requires Outbrain to utilize a large amount of devices to ensure their users’ needs are being met, and Outbrain generates a significant amount of electronic waste from hardware turnover. They were looking for a partner that could help them responsibly dispose of their hardware while also providing value by extending the life of their devices.

“Revivn is the easiest way for me to get rid of electronic waste without any physical effort, without overthinking about pickup days, and most importantly I get a certificate of destruction after the process is completed,” shared Harel Shaked, Director of IT Services & Support at Outbrain.

In addition to hardware lifecycle management services, Revivn also provided Outbrain with customized reporting and analytics that helped them track their sustainability progress and make data-driven decisions about their hardware repurposing process. By partnering with Revivn, Outbrain has been able to achieve a number of important sustainability goals. They've been able to responsibly dispose of their hardware while also extending the life of their devices, reducing their environmental impact and maximizing their return on investment.

“In New York, real estate is very expensive. We had a huge room that was filled with junk. We kept everything because we just couldn't throw it away. Things got piled up. Instead of using this area as a conference room or more space for employees, it was a storage unit for electronics we don't even use.”

The partnership between Revivn and Outbrain is a testament to the power of collaboration and sustainability. By working together, Revivn has been able to help Outbrain responsibly dispose of their hardware and in turn freeing up more space in their office building.

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