A Conversation with Gainsight’s Senior SaaS Ops Engineer, Brandon Wolf

The main priority for leading customer success software company, Gainsight, is helping businesses build drive durable growth through customer, product, and digital-led strategies. The company’s innovative solutions drive acquisition, increase product adoption, prevent churn, and enable growth through renewals and expansion.  

Like many organizations who seek out a hardware lifecycle management partner, Gainsight was experiencing a surplus of technology that desperately needed to be recycled. They were also in need of a partner who would be able to handle working with an organization located in various cities in the United States as well as a few countries around the world. Gaintsight was introduced to Revivn by an old colleague of Senior SaaS Ops Engineer, Brandon Wolf. Additionally, Gainsight was one of Revivn’s early partners! 

“Our hardware lifecycle management process prior to Revivn was a boatload of old computers hanging out in storage,” shared Brandon. “During Covid-19 lockdowns, I actually had two pickups made from my house because it was easier for me. Revivn was flexible and it was a relief they made those pickups because I had a bunch of computers sitting in my garage.”

Being one of the first partnerships formed with Revivn, Gainsight has been able to see the evolution of Revivn’s hardware lifecycle management process firsthand. What was once a simple email sent out to schedule a pickup is now the all-in-one software-enabled solution that Revivn’s partners know and love. Highlighted as one of the most valuable assets Revivn has to offer, our platform not only allows partners to schedule pickups with the click of a button, but also enables them to download documentation regarding the recycling, repurposing, and data destruction of their hardware.

We asked Brandon, after all of these years partnering with Revivn, what makes him want to continue to work with Revivn. He shared, “I keep coming back because of the ease of use. Revivn has a nice platform, and I can easily hop in and see what's happening regarding my old hardware. I haven't worked with other companies like Revivn, or in the same space as Revivn in the past, and I haven't had any reason to look anywhere else.”

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