Flatiron School

Flatiron School’s Head of IT, Mani Mailk, has worked with Revivn for over a decade now. He stumbled upon Revivn before joining Flatiron School, when he was an entry-level tech associate. The Head of IT he was working under was very hands-off and allowed Mani to solve a problem many tech companies are faced with - clearing out the outdated enterprise hardware that is taking up valuable space. Mani interviewed a few other organizations that could handle the hardware, but none of them were as consistent and convenient as Revivn.

“I met John, one of Revivn’s Founders, first, and he came to our new office space with a backpack and shoved the computers and random wires into it to recycle,” stated Mani. “Ever since then, every job I've had where recycling needs to be done, I’ve called on [Revivn].”

Revivn has grown significantly since that moment 10 years ago, and while we may not always use backpacks to collect our partners’ enterprise hardware anymore, we have continued to uphold our values of providing them with the easiest, highest quality service that grows alongside the companies of the future. That’s why when Mani Malik joined Flatiron School and was faced with a familiar problem of properly recycling and repurposing outdated IT assets, he knew exactly who to contact.

“Revivn is making it a lot easier for clients to do what we need to do without any headaches. I used to email them, and then the concierge team reached out. Now they have their own platform. I just set up a pick-up - which is a huge convenience” (Mani Malik 2021).


About Flatiron School - Flatiron School is a global school started in New York that trains students in 21st-century skills like software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity. Flatiron School's On-Campus and Online immersive courses have a proven track record of impressive job-placement results and include dedicated Career Coaching and employment support.

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