Q: What was the main issue that required you to look for a vendor like Revivn?
A: Hardware recycling was the main issue we faced. I met with a few different vendors and Revivn was much more appealing. With reuse being the main focus, recycling being at the very end, and the good causes that are helped by the reuse aspect, I knew Revivn was just so much better. Revivn is a much better way of going about hardware recycling than those that are just focused on the recycling aspect - getting all the precious metals and making every dollar they can. As I transitioned to different companies, every opportunity I could, I was going to work with Revivn. As a whole, the team has been great, and I love the ease of it. Revivn has a great purpose, and then it's even nicer when we get the end-of-year report to see where our stuff went. That was just so cool having a true number of specifically where our hardware went.

Q: Did you ever use other hardware lifecycle management vendors in the past? If so, what are some of the differences that you noticed between Revivn and other vendors?
A: We were looking at recycling vendors and trying to choose the best of the worst options. Some vendors have a minimal cost mentality, looking to sell off our old hardware to their employees first, and if nobody buys it, then they strip it down and recycle it. That's a little better than vendors that just run it through a shredder, harvesting the precious metals and making every dollar they can. Yeah, you're recycling, but there's nothing more to it. That process did not excite me. The moment I heard about Revivn, I knew they would be a lot better. From then on, there was never a second thought. I'm going to push hard to go for Revivn every time. It's just a no-brainer for a company to do.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your first interaction with Revivn?
A: The team was great. From the start, it was a concierge-level experience. I can just send a quick email requesting a location, and then it's there. I say I need a pickup, here's what it is, and it’s done. It's always quick and easy to arrange. I knew where all my stuff was going. I showed up with a big bin of old hardware, pointed at it, and let them do their thing. The person who came was super nice. He loaded up all the laptops, took that load down, and we were done.

Q: Considering you use the web application and the portal, what would you say is your favorite feature?
A: The ease of use. If I need to do a pickup, I just select the location and say what is getting put in. Then we're in the conversation of what's going to happen from there, as to when they're available and does it work, and boom - we’re done. As a whole, the pain points that may arise are super smooth and easy to navigate, and I love that.

Q: You mentioned that ClassPass is expanding globally. Can you tell me about the experience working with Revivn to manage all the hardware in these multiple locations?
A: For us, it's really been about cleaning up the process. It's been weird because the pandemic caused us to shut down offices rapidly. We just needed everything to be as minimal as possible. So we thought, let's recycle stuff. One of the first ones we did in London was because when we closed out the office, everything went to storage. It got to the point where they were taking up too much room, and it wasn't great. So in the middle of the pandemic, the ClassPass team came, took what was needed, and got it down to the bare minimum. For not being in the country and not being able to facilitate in-person or see-through anything, just being able to reach out to Revivn, trust it has happened, and everything just goes super smoothly. Revivn worked with us in every sort of fashion to cover us where we needed it.

Q: What are some of your priorities when it comes to the hardware lifecycle management process and how has Revivn helped you meet those priorities?
A: The biggest priority is not just throwing hardware in the trash so Revivn definitely helped us get something for it, which is great. Even better is that it's going to a great cause, or can be Frankensteined, and put to a great cause. The drives get wiped, data is destroyed, and certified as destroyed, which is just wonderful for us. There's no risk. We didn't have bandwidth and time for this to be a big process so it needed to be a simple and quick lift, and it has been.

Q: Is there anything else you feel is important to share about your Revivn experience?
A: I think it's important to share that everybody that I have interacted with has been really wonderful. As the company grew, every experience has been great, the concierge service has been wonderful. Every representative we've worked with has been incredibly supportive and helpful and the level of service has been to the maximum.

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