In 2018 when Amobee Director of IT, Javier Velazquez, was faced with a company-wide technology audit, he realized he was missing a major aspect of the reporting process – one central location to properly track the lifecycle and retire their enterprise hardware. Interestingly enough, Revivn Senior Partner Executive, Alexis, reached out to Javier at the perfect time asking if he would be interested in learning more about Revivn. Revivn was exactly what Javier needed to properly manage the lifecycle and ensure the proper repurposing of Amobee’s hardware.


“Everything Alexis showed me about Revivn answered and filled in all the gaps we needed for the audit. It was a huge benefit. When we have these audits, Revivn guarantees that you'll always pass them with hardware lifecycle management.”


Since that first interaction in 2018, Javier shared with our team that working with Revivn is “almost like you have another employee. You have another headcount that is providing work that you aren’t paying for. Revivn is a free employee that’s taking care of all of your recycled equipment. I don’t have to do any of it anymore. It used to take up time.”


Before Revivn, the Amobee team would spend the essential time needed for their daily responsibilities sorting through and manually tracking their hardware. With the time saved by using Revivn, the Amobee IT department is able to spend more time dealing with higher-level responsibilities and fulfilling IT tickets in the queue faster, and not holding anything up. They’re able to focus more on Amobee employees and ensure there aren’t any issues within the company.

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