Kaitlyn Cavanagh, Senior Manager of Enterprise Business Systems at AlphaSense, has been a long-time user of Revivn’s services. Kaitlyn first met Revivn during her time at Refinery29, as they used Revivn to manage their enterprise hardware. And when Kaitlyn joined the AlphaSense team, she was immediately met with a problem – AlphaSense had an abundance of extra technology sitting around needing to be properly disposed of. Having worked with Revivn before, Kaitlyn knew it was a no-brainer to call Revivn to solve this problem.


“We looked at some other e-waste type companies. Revivn is a lot more personal. The biggest thing about this industry is you need people who actually care. Other companies we've looked at just put in the ticket and do a pickup. There’s no human interaction, just input and output. Some places had a fee too. Revivn doesn't charge to pick up the equipment. And we don't worry about anything!”


The AlphaSense team began their engagement with Revivn, and it was an extremely easy transition. Kaitlyn was already familiar with Revivn’s process due to the previous interactions she had so when she booked the pickup, she was met by a friendly and efficient pickup team as she expected. From that moment on, AlphaSense has continued to use Revivn for all of their hardware pickups.


We asked Kaitlyn why she chose to work with Revivn again, and she shared, “When we speak about Revivn to other companies, the first thing that we talk about is the person-to-person relationship you guys have. I think for another company to do that - there's no better customer service than what you guys give. It would be really hard for a company to come in and make us not want to continue working with Revivn.”

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