Since 2002, Kenya Connect has been improving education in the Mwala sub-county of Machakos by breaking down barriers to education and professional development. This organization has stood out as a leader in their rural community by providing the support and curriculum aid that teachers need to teach students basic computing.

The rural population makes up 72% of Kenya’s population, but these students lack the educational resources their urban peers enjoy. Kenya Connect worked with Revivn’s Tech Access program to bridge the gap: “The desire to learn about digital technology is very prevalent in our community, yet schools lack the devices to use,” said Sharon Runge, executive director.

Access to technology plays a significant role in instilling confidence and technical skills in young students. One example is Kyalo, a fourth-grade boy at one of Kenya Connect's partner schools. Despite his struggles to learn how to read, the introduction of computers in the classroom program has allowed him to shine. According to his teachers, “The basic blocks are easy for him to move, and he is often seen helping others out in class."

Access to technology has been transformative not only for students like Kyalo, but also for the dedicated teachers who guide them. According to Kenya Connect, one educator is “empowered when she teaches technology (this is the first time for her) and the students were just beaming.” Equipping educators and students with the tools and resources they need is how we continue to bridge the digital divide.

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