Citywise is a not-for-profit organization based in Dublin Ireland. Founded in 1991, Citywise was established as a response to the educational under-achievement of young people living in difficult city conditions. Collaborating with local schools and families, Citywise aims to help youth with their schooling and extracurricular aspirations through the organization’s character-building, education, and sports programs. 

“Not everybody has technology easily available to them or has the ability to log in to take part in online classes or to get their assignments done. We had been trying to facilitate that by lending what laptops we had, but that was not sustainable,” stated Audrey McMahon, Chief Operations Officer (COO).

Citywise connected with Revivn to receive hardware donations for their students as technology resources became limited. Not only would these donations allow children to participate in Citywise programs and explore interests and potential careers in the technology space, but this technology would improve the children’s computer literacy skills as well.

“Whatever we felt we needed to help us deliver our programs, Revivn was more than accommodating. Even down to the little details of supplying charging adapters to fit European outlets. For some kids, that would've been a fairly significant cost that they might not have been able to afford,” David McGuinness, STEM Officer, added.

Since partnering with Revivn, Citywise has been able to lend out even more computers to the underprivileged youth in Dublin. These efforts will help them progress to higher level education, give them the freedom of completing assignments as needed, and give them more sense of belonging by having access to the same technology their peers have.

“I personally couldn't say enough good things about Revivn. They were accommodating and wanted to do the best that they could, making sure that we had good refurbished laptops that were up to date and could be used for all of the different aspects of the work that we do here”, Audrey McMahon, Chief Operations Officer (COO) shared.

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