Employee Spotlight: Courtney Bannon

Q: To start off, can you describe your position at Revivn?
A: Absolutely, I was just promoted to Senior Partner Executive at the end of last year! I am responsible for bringing on new partners to Revivn and setting them up for success on the Revivn platform.

Q: How did you originally hear about Revivn?
A: Before Revivn, I was working at a large company with 20,000+ employees. I left and decided to do some solo travel throughout Europe while thinking about my life and career. I knew that I wanted to join a smaller company just because of the speed of growth (personally \and professionally) that comes with smaller companies that inherently have less red tape.

I was searching for jobs back when John (Co-Founder & Co-CEO) was still handling all of the prospecting and outreach for new employees. He found me on AngelList and sent me a message saying I’d be a good fit for the sales team. We chatted, I went through the interview process and eventually became one of the early hires at HQ at Revivn. I'm coming up on my four-year anniversary now!

Q: Can you talk about the main differences between working at Revivn and your previous experience?
A: In my experience, The biggest difference is that at Revivn, leadership is more invested in your professional growth. People here want to see you succeed and they want to elevate you. In my previous work experience, very few people had enough power to elevate from within and individual contributors on a high growth trajectory had nowhere to go. At Revivn, leadership has a genuine vested interest in seeing you grow. 

Second, if you want something at a Revivn, you're able to take it. What I mean by that in my previous experiences, I would have ideas but they would need to be approved through five layers of management. At Revivn– especially when I was reporting directly to John– I’d say, “Here's this idea that’s going to make things faster/easier/more efficient/less expensive. Here's how I think it's going to work”, and John would say, “Great, just iron out xyz details and then go do it.”

As long as you have the charisma and leadership drive in you, you can do whatever you want within reason.

Q: What is the best part about working at Revivn?
A: I'm in a position in my life where I want to keep growing professionally. That's why I stay at Revivn because every time I feel like I hit a peak, something new happens that elevates me. Every time I think I have maxed out on my learning, my role evolves, my team grows, or there’s a new product iteration. There are always opportunities.

Also, my coworker - it's funny, I've sat next to Alexis Lynch (Senior Account Executive) for four years and we didn't know each other until we started working at Revivn, but we grew up 10 minutes apart and went to the same college. I sat down on my first day at Revivn and I told her I’m from Delaware. She said “Oh, that's weird. So am I.” Alexis became my first friend in New York when I moved here and we've been sitting next to each other at work for just as long. It's always great when your coworkers can be your friends too.

Q: What is the proudest thing you've accomplished at Revivn?
A: Last year, I was the biggest revenue earner on the sales team, while I was also managing two junior people on our sales team, acting as our Rev Ops liaison, and managing our Salesforce pipeline. I was just juggling a lot coming out of the pandemic and revamping our pipeline after what was a challenging period for Revivn.

I'm really proud of the way that we all managed an ambiguous transitional period between moving from reporting to the CEO to getting to our new GM of Revenue, Korey Martin and scaling for growth. The team was (and is) super supportive of one another and super collaborative when it comes to problem solving!

Q: If you could switch jobs with anyone at Revivn for a day, who would it be?
A: That’s a hard question, everyone does so much here. I'd be interested to swap with Rob Kaplan in the San Francisco warehouse. He actually just got promoted to General Manager of E-Commerce.

I was meeting some clients in San Francisco so I visited our SF location. Rob and the team out there are so kind and their jobs are so different from what we do in New York. Working in the warehouse, they get some really awesome hardware because of their proximity to Silicon Valley. The devices are so high tech and everyone is super passionate about it. I think it would be a fun learning experience.

Q: Why should someone work at Revivn?
A: I think because there are a lot of opportunities to grow and excel at Revivn. You can also be sure that you're going to be surrounded by people who are high performers, super motivated, and invested in seeing you succeed.

Q: What's something people might not know about you?
A: Not many people know that I'm vegetarian, but that's not a fun one. I can speak some French. That's why I was traveling in France because I was trying to get a job there. It didn't work out, but I still have ambitions to move to Europe at some point in my life.

Q: What do you like to do for fun?
A: I'm currently learning how to sew. My grandma was great at sewing. She did cross-stitch and needlepoint. A bunch of folks in my family are also super creative. I'd really love to learn how to make my own clothes this year.

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