Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra

For over the past decade, the Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra (WACCS)’s main focus has been empowering women to rise out of poverty. With the help of their community partners, WACCS has been able to offer a wide variety of services from ESL and GED courses to employment preparation and job search assistance as a way for women to provide a better life for themselves and their families.

WACCS faced the issue of not having the proper technology to effectively run their community-accessible computer lab prior to partnering with Revivn. 

“Revivn has been helping us upgrade our computer lab. Originally we had mini computers from a previous partner, and they're all broken now. Revivn asked us what we needed, and I highlighted that we wanted our computer lab to be up and running so that it can be functional for everybody,” shared Pam Russell, WACCS' Executive Director.

Partnering with Revivn allowed WACCS to get their computer lab running smoothly and now WACCS members are able to utilize these donated computers to check their emails, apply for jobs, and learn how to use current technology in computer literacy classes. Not only have these donations enabled the women of WACCS to have access to essential resources, but these donations have also helped alleviate stress and free up time previously spent on technology maintenance for the WACCS team.

“We need to do the best job we can for every person that comes in for help. What may be old to you is basically brand new to us. We can’t service the women of our community properly without your generosity. Without Revivn we would still be using outdated and broken computers. Revivn has helped give us peace of mind. They have given us a huge boost that will make us better at what we do.”

Learn more about the Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra at https://waccs.org/.

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