How Does Revivn Work?

Founded in 2013, Revivn is a global, fully integrated hardware lifecycle management solution that repurposes outdated and unused technology for social good while protecting customer data. 

Thousands of companies use Revivn to repurpose their old IT hardware, thus extending the life of technology products and reducing electronic waste. Repurposing puts devices back into circulation, takes pressure off of natural resources by allowing hardware to reach its full lifecycle, and provides high-quality tech access for all. Our direct buyback process means you can earn funds back by repurposing your hardware and choose to contribute to underserved communities. 

Our team manages every aspect of the disposition process, delivering an exceptional white glove experience. This includes everything from packing and collection, to secure transportation, to data destruction that adheres to the strictest security standards — all managed with a verified chain of custody. 

With Revivn’s SaaS platform (the Revivn App), you can schedule pickups, track assets, and view detailed reporting, compliance documentation, funds earned, certificates of destruction (CODs), and more, all in one place. Our platform also facilitates the retrieval of hardware from remote employees. Additionally, with Revivn’s API, you can automate end-of-life disposal processes for all your users — whether they’re remote or in office, domestic or global. Some tiers of Revivn’s SaaS platform are available at no cost, providing flexibility and accessibility to suit a wide range of needs. 

As a Certified B Corp, we’re committed to achieving social good by providing computer access for all. By providing technology resources to underserved communities, we help bridge the digital divide.

Here’s an in-depth look at how Revivn works. 

How does Revivn work? 

Step 1: Schedule a pickup online, anywhere in the world. Pickups typically come at no cost. 

Using the Revivn App, identify the assets you need Revivn to pick up. Our concierge schedules a pickup window for our team to arrive. 

Over the past ten years, we’ve developed our own vertically integrated operations and also cultivated a network of carefully vetted global partners. This dual approach enables us to pick up assets anywhere in the world, ensuring a seamless experience for asset retrieval. 

In line with our “net positive” program, pickups most likely come at no cost, with the opportunity to earn money back from your outdated hardware. In instances where there might be a charge, it can be offset using funds accumulated from your previous pickups. We have developed various products to help our customers remain net positive, and our team will work closely with you to implement a custom solution at scale.

“It's been really simple and hands off for us. We can schedule a pickup, get the equipment ready, and they come in and handle everything. The communication is great.” —Glenn Rodgers, IT Manager at Khoros
“Revivn has made it easy for us to transfer a machine from active use to end of life. We don't look at a pile of machines anymore and say, ‘What are we going to do with this?’ Ease of use, the streamlining, and time savings are all really valuable aspects that Revivn provides.” —Steven Juanes Jr., IT Manager at Pantheon

Step 2: World-class logistics: We pick up all your assets — from monitors to cables to laptops and everything in between. No packing necessary.

When it comes to asset disposition, we offer white glove logistics and a world class experience — no matter where you are in the world. We pride ourselves in unmatched service for our customers.

We collect all components of your IT stack, including phones, monitors, computers, tablets, keyboards, cables, servers, and more. Please note that we do not accept kitchen appliances or furniture; however, we can suggest a vendor to assist with these items.

You are not required to package any items or consolidate devices into one area. Our experienced team will arrive on site with all the supplies needed to safely package your assets and transport it to our secure facility. 

Additionally, our dedicated customer success team will guide you through every step in the process. Unlike other global recycling vendors who may have dozens of representatives across various countries, Revivn offers a more streamlined approach. With Revivn, you benefit from having a single point of contact for all your global pickups, simplifying communication and coordination.

“You guys take everything — literally all the electronics — and it was a really great experience. I think you took several hundred pounds’ worth of electronics. I felt so light after it got taken away.” —Maria Scutari, IT Support Engineer at Intersection
“There's no better customer service than Revivn’s.” Kaitlyn Cavanagh, Senior Manager of Enterprise Business Systems at AlphaSense
“Revivn consistently provides high levels of customer service, and ultimately, this adds value by giving me and my team time and energy back.” Casey Carlton, Head of IT and Business Technology at Webflow

Step 3: We transport it to our facilities, destroy the data securely, and provide you a certificate of destruction (COD). 

All assets are managed through a verified chain of custody. Once our team securely transports them to our facilities, we inventory them and obtain serial numbers for each device.

Next, we destroy the data on the devices using the highest level of security measures. Revivn’s product sanitization measures all meet or exceed the standards set forth by the Department of Defense and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Special Publication 800-88, “Guidelines for Media Sanitization,” and the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID). This process may include measures such as overwriting, purging, shredding, disintegration, incineration, and pulverization. 

For every pickup, we provide a certificate of destruction (COD). Depending on your service tier, it’s provided either for each individual data-bearing asset or for the entire pickup, certifying that all data has been completely destroyed in accordance with NIST 800-88 or Department of Defense standards. 

Revivn is also certified in ISO 9001, 45001, and 14001, and all processes are independently audited by a third party. 

“Revivn is the easiest way for me to get rid of electronic waste without any physical effort, without overthinking about pickup days, and most importantly, I get a certificate of destruction after the process is completed.” Harel Shaked, Director of IT Services & Support at Outbrain
“When we have audits, Revivn guarantees that we’ll always pass them with hardware lifecycle management.” Javier Velazquez, Director of IT at Amobee

Step 4: Giving new life to old devices: We refurbish and repurpose what we can, and ethically recycle the rest. 

Instead of dismantling broken electronics to recover precious metals from your devices, our skilled technicians make every effort to give new life to your hardware. We restore these electronics to a good, usable condition, ensuring that they are functional and ready for redistribution. This process reduces waste and lowers the carbon footprint of technology. 

We provide affordable, high-quality hardware for those who prefer not to, or cannot afford to, buy new. We also work with R2 or e-steward certified recyclers to ethically recycle whatever cannot be reused or resold. 

“I met with a few different vendors and Revivn was much more appealing. With reuse being the main focus, and the good causes that are helped by the reuse aspect, I knew Revivn was just so much better. It's just a no-brainer.” —Randy Tanenhaus, former IT Manager at ClassPass

Step 5: Choose between earning funds back, or donating it to underserved communities. 

By purchasing your hardware directly based on the value of the devices, without waiting for resale, we ensure a quicker turnaround for your payment and the completion of final reports. 

Your earnings can be tracked in the Revivn app. You have the option to either keep the funds or donate them to underserved communities directly via the app. Additionally, we regularly donate a portion of our own hardware inventory to support underserved communities. Our partnership with hundreds of non-profits enables us to provide devices to those who otherwise lack access. 

“My main priority is reduced cost. The good thing about Revivn is when you take our laptops, sometimes we'll get some buyback if there is any value in it. So far everything either has buyback or the pickup fees have been waived, so that's saving us money.” —Glenn Rodgers, IT Manager at Khoros

Step 6: Receive detailed reporting about your devices and environmental impact.

After your pickup, you’ll receive an impact report detailing the number of devices repurposed, the poundage of e-waste recycled, and the poundage of e-waste prevented. You can also view an asset list for every pickup, which includes serial numbers, makes, models, and conditions of devices. 

Our software offers multiple tiers to suit your specific reporting requirements. Additionally, we provide custom reporting capabilities and can recommend report types that align with your company’s size and growth stage. 

“The dashboard is invaluable. We’ve used different vendors in the past and we didn't have the same access to reporting and analytics that we do with Revivn. Even for security audits, we’re able to show which hardware was destroyed and [identify] serial numbers that were needed.” —Christian Alvarado, IT Manager at PatientPop
“Revivn has made the end-of-life process easier in that we can easily submit and track our hardware post-pickup. All of the items, specifically our laptops, can be reused. We can update our records and have good visibility into where everything is being sent.” —Andrew Oswald, Manager of IT Client Services at Marqeta

Step 7: Repeat this process regularly.

Consider adopting regular refresh cycles to prevent the accumulation of outdated and unused hardware in your offices. You can even extend this approach to different locations or various hardware types, like conducting separate refreshes for monitors and laptops. 

“Over the duration of our partnership so far, Revivn has helped us repurpose or recycle thousands of assets, in multiple locations nationally and internationally.” —Qualtrics’ ESG team

What sets Revivn apart?

Revivn stands out for several unique reasons, setting it apart from other traditional recycling vendors:

SaaS software & automation through API

In addition to providing disposition services, Revivn also offers a SaaS platform to manage and centralize your end-of-life hardware processes in a unified, all-in-one platform.

Revivn’s API and integrations with ITSM and MDM tools enable you to automate end-of-life workflows seamlessly. The app also provides access to environmental impact reports and compliance documentation, such as CODs and detailed asset lists. Additionally, you can schedule pickups and donate to non-profit organizations directly through the app. 

Commitment to sustainability

We are committed to fostering global responsibility and achieving social good by making computer access universal. Unlike traditional vendors that solely destroy and/or recycle obsolete hardware, Revivn repurposes hardware to maximize its lifespan. Our approach is to keep devices in circulation, either by remarketing them or donating them to non-profit organizations. While other traditional vendors may recycle or sell individual parts as-is, we resell parts only as a last resort. Revivn’s priority is to use these parts to rebuild entirely new computers, in line with our vision to ensure computer access for all.

Repurposing hardware not only diverts waste from landfills but also significantly reduces organizations’ carbon footprint. We empower our customers to support nonprofits as well by enabling them to donate any earned funds directly via our app.

Direct buyback business model

Unlike the common revenue share model used by most e-waste vendors, Revivn offers a direct buyback program — a distinct approach in the industry. With our “net positive” program, our team works with you to ensure that you earn money back from the disposition. We also offer you a guaranteed quote in advance, eliminating the need to wait for the resale process to receive funds. This approach removes the unpredictability of the revenue share model, where customers either receive payment or face a bill, depending on whether their hardware is sold. Our direct buyback model enables faster, more predictable payments to customers and also gives us more time to focus on repurposing hardware, free from the constraints of reselling within a specific timeframe. 

Premium white glove service 

While many recycling partners require you to pack your obsolete hardware and use various vendors to collect different types of hardware, Revivn stands out with its exceptional white glove service. Our on-site team packs everything for you, and we collect all types of unused IT hardware, including servers, laptops, cables, and more. All customers have 24/7 access to our concierge team, as well as a dedicated account manager to guide them through each step, ensuring a smooth experience. Additionally, customers get real-time updates in our SaaS platform. Throughout the entire disposition process, Revivn offers an unparalleled, premium experience for customers. 

Highest data security standards

Revivn’s product sanitization measures all meet or exceed the standards set forth by the Department of Defense and NIST 800-88. Revivn is also certified in ISO 9001, 45001, and 14001, and all processes are independently audited by a third party.

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