“We were closing one of our offices in the Boulder area, and this is an office that had housed dozens of employees. It had many information systems ranging from iPads and phones to servers and networking equipment. Basically, everything needed to go. And yet, we needed to know that we were going to be comfortable - that the data was going to be handled appropriately, and we ideally would get these systems to people who could benefit from them. That was the combination that led us to Revivn in being the right choice.”

When Sphero, a company transforming the way kids PK–12 learn with a fun, comprehensive approach to STEAM (that's STEM + Art) and computer science, was in need of a partner to assist with the management of their retired assets, it was only natural to use a trusted vendor of littleBits, a company acquired by Sphero - Revivn. It was helpful that Revivn had an established relationship with littleBits, but Sphero also needed a vendor who was able to manage hardware from multiple locations as well as a variety of assets from the many verticals of Sphero.

Brian Kellner, VP of Software Engineering at Sphero shared “I just take a picture, and Revivn has been able to say, ‘yes or no.’ And it all just works out from my perspective. The stuff goes away, and I have confidence that it's well taken care of, both in terms of data and repurposing where possible. The flexibility is very key to success.”

We asked Brian what the key benefit has been working with Revivn, and he stated “For me, it's the simplicity of a relatively complex problem. I have the need to make sure that stuff is taken care of in a timely manner, the data is appropriately taken care of because we handle data that can be sensitive, and the devices are being put to the best value. So, the simplicity of ‘Hey, I’ll send an email to Revivn,’ send a couple of pictures, schedule a pickup date, and done. That's pretty cool.”

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