Revivn’s Unified Solution: Simplifying Hardware Lifecycle Management

At Revivn, we’re pioneering a new approach to hardware lifecycle management. 

As an all-in-one solution, Revivn streamlines the entire asset disposition process, from e-waste pickup to certified data destruction and beyond. Our approach focuses on extending the lifecycle of outdated IT hardware while also providing tech access to those who need it the most. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore how Revivn’s fully integrated solution works, as well as how it provides consistent, unified data across various geographic locations. 

A unified, software-enabled solution for managing outdated IT hardware

Revivn offers an all-in-one solution for managing outdated IT hardware, combining services and software to simplify hardware lifecycle management. 

Revivn streamlines all end-of-life operations and asset disposition, including:

  • Hardware pickup: Schedule a pickup in our app, anywhere in the world. We pick up all your outdated corporate IT assets — from monitors to cables to laptops and everything in between. No packing necessary.
  • Automated end-of-life processes: Through the Revivn App, you can automate device retrievals from remote employees, set up automatic reconciliations, and remove devices from enrollment programs (for example, Apple DEP). 
  • Certified data destruction: Revivn’s product sanitization measures all meet or exceed Department of Defense and NIST 800-88 standards. Revivn is also certified in ISO 9001, 45001, and 14001, and all processes are independently audited by a third party. 
  • Final disposition of assets: We use advanced refurbishment techniques to extend the life of hardware. We refurbish and repurpose what we can, and ethically recycle the rest.
  • Compliance documents: Automatically retrieve certificates of destruction (CODs) for data-bearing assets in the Revivn App to make audits easier.  
  • Reporting and analytics: View impact reports detailing the number of devices repurposed, the poundage of e-waste recycled, and the poundage of e-waste prevented. You can also view an asset list for every pickup, which includes serial numbers, makes, models, and conditions of devices.
  • Donations: Choose to donate your earnings to non-profit organizations and provide tech access to underserved communities, right in our app. 

This comprehensive approach creates a convenient, unified solution for all your IT hardware management needs.

Vertically integrated operations

Over the past decade, we’ve developed our own vertically integrated operations, taking full control of all processes. This includes everything from hardware pickup and data wiping to refurbishment, resale, recycling, donations, and final disposition. Our processing facilities in the Bay Area and New York are the backbone of this approach, ensuring seamless management across all stages of the hardware lifecycle. 

Unified global services 

Revivn operates globally across North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific Japan, and the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa regions. 

Our services extend across international borders, ensuring that all employees around the world benefit from a unified approach to hardware lifecycle management. We empower companies to establish a unified, global standard operating procedure for their outdated IT assets, seamlessly integrated through our software solution. Revivn is designed to support organizations worldwide, regardless of where employees are based.

In regions where Revivn doesn’t directly operate facilities, we leverage our extensive network of partners. This collaboration allows us to maintain unified data quality, grading, and processing standards through our software. 

The power of partnerships 

Unified data and customer success across all your locations 

We offer consistent, unified data, regardless of geographic location, even when collaborating with global partners.  

Many global e-waste vendors often face challenges with disparate data sets from international partners. Each facility uses its own protocol for grading and hardware specifications, leading to discrepancies. This often results in time-consuming, manual reconciliation and extensive email exchanges to align information. 

In contrast, Revivn integrates and standardizes data from different sources. This ensures uniformity in details like hardware specifications and grading conditions, no matter what country you’re in. The result is a centralized, unified data warehouse for all of your end-of-life equipment, which is particularly beneficial for compliance and data security audits. 

Additionally, customers can use Revivn’s API to query the data set and build workflows, thereby simplifying hardware lifecycle management even further. 

A global network of outstanding partners

Over the past ten years, we’ve built a network of carefully chosen partners around the world to offer a unified solution that’s available globally. We employ a rigorous due diligence process to ensure collaboration with the best possible partners. This is fundamental to maintaining our high standards of customer service and global reach. 

Our due diligence process includes on-site visits, service level agreements (SLAs), thorough background checks, regular monthly check-ins, and quarterly business reviews (QBRs). Our partners also play an important role in unifying and standardizing data for our clients, ensuring that it’s consistently valuable for them. 

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