When PatientPop was in need of a partner to assist with the enterprise hardware collected from a merge of three buildings to one building, PatientPop’s Senior IT Manager, Christian Alvarado, called upon a hardware lifecycle management company he had used in a prior role – Revivn. Christian shares the benefits of working with Revivn, how Revivn helps his team save time, and more.


Q: What issues required you to seek a service like Revivn initially?  

A: My Senior Tech at Summit, who I worked with previously at Clutter, found Revivn. He liked Revivn’s purpose and he liked what Revivn stood for, so we began our partnership there. It was super easy to work with Revivn, and it was easy to schedule pickups. The SSO connection into Okta is a great tool. I could see the reports, the data destruction, and pretty much how everything was handled. Revivn takes a lot of work and burden away from my team being able to handle all that stuff. When I came to PatientPop, they didn't have a hardware lifecycle management vendor that they dealt with. I was able to bring that partnership to PatientPop and I continued working with Revivn. After bringing Revivn to this organization we have seen a lot of benefits and one thing I personally like is that it is a B-Corp. Those are things from my end that I enjoy looking for in a company and in my personal life. I love companies that have a higher purpose and businesses that are using their power for good.


Q: Why would you choose Revivn over other services? 

A: The ease and familiarity of Revivn was the first thing that we brought over to the partnership. We have tried a couple of other vendors. The main thing for us is having everything in one place, being able to look at the data destruction, having the dashboard, and constant communication. Also, like I said the B-Corp stuff is really important. A lot of other companies who are in the same space don't have the certification to show me that they're actually doing these things for good.


Q: How has Revivn made managing the end-of-life cycle process for these assets easier for you? 

A: It definitely has, like I mentioned before, we can schedule pickups when we need people to take care of it. From the first day, we were able to hand off all the heavy lifting that is required for any of the e-waste hardware.


Q: What would you say is the key benefit Revivn has provided you?

A: I think the dashboard is invaluable. We’ve used different vendors in the past and we didn't have the same access to reporting and analytics that we do with Revivn. I do yearly reports with my team and being able to go in and pull anything we need is helpful. Even for security audits, we’re able to show that this hardware was destroyed, and here were those serial numbers that were needed. That is probably the strongest point Revivn has when it comes to the technology. Providing the analytics, reporting that data, and being a hub for all of this information, I don't have to sort it myself. I just log in and look at it.

Q: What are some of your priorities as an IT leader when it comes to managing the lifecycle of your hardware and has Revivn met those priorities? 

A: The destruction of data and security is obviously the most important thing. We’re a HIPAA-compliant company - we’re a healthcare company. We have to make sure that information is stored and an invoice is sent to us that the information has been destroyed. The second most important thing is the ease of getting hardware in and out of our lifecycle as quickly as possible so we can make room for new equipment as we go. 

Q: How would you say Revivn’s services have improved your workplace, and what are some of the results of your engagement with Revivn?

A: They’ve given us the ability to make changes as we need to when it comes to our asset management. I think a lot of the benefits we saw also came when we reduced our office footprint from three buildings to one. We had three offices on one street before the pandemic and having the ability to call to make sure everything would be picked up was one of the biggest benefits that we saw. That was impactful for us because it took a lot of work on my end as a manager to have somebody come in and take care of that for us. On my end, I was having to project manage closing down an office - not only closing one office but closing two on the same street. The logistics were a little tricky because I was dealing with different landlords for each building and exiting the property would have been difficult for us. So having that ease was pretty nice. From a logistics standpoint, being able to pick up from multiple addresses on the same street. It's less work on our end, and we don’t have to think about what is being picked up from where. We just specify the address it is being picked up. 

Q: You mentioned that using Revivn has helped you save time. Would you mind sharing some insight into some of the things that you're able to do with that time saved by using Revivn?

A: We were able to categorize our entire inventory. My team has been able to focus on making sure that we're deploying compliant, ready machines for all our end users. We spend less time worrying about serial numbers. We just review them before we leave. Having a number come back and being able to quickly identify exactly what we sent out has been super helpful. Revivn has given the team time back to start managing new equipment that's coming in instead of worrying about every single step of the e-waste process. 

Q: What would you say makes Revivn special or different? 

A: I think I mentioned this before, but honestly the dashboard. If you have the budget to spend on that, I think that's where the value would be added for most end users. Having a dashboard like that, being able to click a button and a pickup is scheduled, that's invaluable. Having that ease of use is what I would recommend being the main focus because it’s going to edge out any other vendor that we work with.

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