“Modern card issuing that empowers innovators to change the world,” - this is the mission of the open API payment card issuing platform, Marqeta. Marqeta enables developers to launch new programs with speed, flexibility & scale. With continuous growth on their mind, recycling their unused hardware was beginning to become a headache.

“One of our priorities is to have an efficient process for cycling through our out-of-warranty devices. If we didn't have a partner, then we would accumulate a large amount of hardware in storage which we do not have a good plan for. Having a reliable partner has enabled us to schedule a rollout of new devices on a regular basis without worrying about what we're going to do with all of the unused equipment,” shared Andrew Oswald, Manager of IT Client Services at Marqeta.

Marqeta decided to partner with Revivn as their company replaces a large amount of their hardware annually, and they no longer had the storage space to house this unused equipment. They were also interested in the visibility of where their recycled and repurposed equipment would end up.

“Other vendors we've worked with were happy to collect equipment, but we didn’t know necessarily where all the equipment was going. Revivn has made the end-of-life process easier in that we can easily submit and track our hardware post-pickup. All of the items, specifically our laptops, can be reused. We can update our records and easily track and have good visibility into where everything is being sent.”

Marqeta not only has peace of mind knowing exactly where their hardware is being repurposed, but they can also focus their time and effort on bigger projects as their end-of-life cycle management is being taken care of by Revivn.

“We were looking for a partner that could re-utilize our unused equipment in terms of laptops, monitors, and other peripherals. It's a win-win situation if we can clear out some space and still find a good home for this perfectly usable equipment. Revivn has been that partner for us.”

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