Making cultural events accessible to everyone - that is the commitment of KulturRaum, a non-profit based in Germany that promotes cultural participation for the people of Munich. With the help of their cultural partners, they are able to provide free tickets for various cultural events, including concerts, theatre, cinema, and open readings. One of the main issues KulturRaum faced prior to partnering with Revivn was digitally distributing tickets to those interested in attending the events due to the lack of computers they had access to.   

These computers would enable them to efficiently distribute event tickets while also expanding their promotion and outreach efforts to the community. Adobe initially reached out asking KulturRaum if they were in need of technology and then introduced KulturRaum to a valued partner who would be able to provide a donation of repurposed hardware - Revivn. 

 “We don't have the financial means to acquire hardware of the quality or the quantity that Revivn has provided us. It makes our work more manageable, and it gives us the ability to work at all.”


We asked Sophie and Katharina of KulturRaum to share with us the impact these donations have made on the organization, and they shared, “The technology we received from Revivn has made a difference because it gives us the means to venture out to different parts of Munich. We can reach out to far more people, sharing our program with those who don't know us and don’t have the money to attend cultural events on their own.”


Learn more about KulturRaum at https://www.kulturraum-muenchen.de/en/.

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