Intersection's IT Services Support Team wearing Revivn swag.

Maria Scutari, an IT Support Engineer at Intersection, describes herself as an environmentalist. “I hate waste. I'm a big environmentalist. I try my best to be good to the environment.” Not only was working with Revivn assisting with her day-to-day responsibilities, but Revivn’s methodology aligned with her personal values as well.

Prior to working with Revivn, Intersection fell victim to a very familiar problem amongst our partners - the storage closet. A designated, 10-foot by 8-foot storage closet called “the cage” had become a dumping ground for enterprise hardware that was retired due to turnover, new hires, and technology upgrades. Maria shared with our team that this storage closet at Intersection had become so full that they resorted to placing overflow hardware in another storage closet. 

After the initial COVID outbreaks when the Intersection team began returning to the office, Intersection realized how necessary it was to find a hardware lifecycle management partner to help clean up “the cage.” 

“After COVID we had a good chance to see everything that had accumulated. We were trying to do a bit of an overhaul in terms of hardware and just really get reorganized for RTO. Coming out of COVID was a really good opportunity to take a step back and get organized. It was great that we were working with Revivn. You guys take everything - literally all the electronics - and it was a really great experience. You guys took, I think it was, several hundred pounds worth of electronics. I felt so light after it got taken away.”

Removing all of this old hardware enabled the Intersection’s IT Services Support team to become more organized with their enterprise hardware. When employees need a loaner or a new computer, it is now more efficient than ever to grab the desired piece of technology without a mountain of retired hardware in the way.

As Maria primarily uses Revivn’s Software Application for all of her pick-up needs, we asked her to share what she likes most about the Revivn App, “I like it because you can easily schedule the pickup - just on the portal. You don't really need to reach out to anybody else, and you can see what has been gone through in terms of inventory. It's all accessible right there. You can do your reports, see when to schedule the pickup, etc. I like that it's just very user-friendly. Honestly, I'd say it's set up better than most of the consoles that I work with as an administrator.”

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