Hackathon 2023

Last week marked an exciting milestone for Revivn as we launched a highly anticipated automation software at our first on-site hackathon. With Squarespace, Coursera, and Marqeta in attendance, the Brooklyn office was brimming with innovation as teams collaborated on building IT end of life integrations.

“The automations we are aspiring to finish will allow us to place the pickup order from our system, have a confirmed data/time received in our system when the pickup is confirmed, and obtain the CoD later on,” said Dustin Taber from Coursera. “This will save our Asset managers a LOT of time and keep them being efficient by not having them leave our platform.” 

Helping our partners save time through automation is a top priority at Revivn. The hackathon was a unique opportunity that bridged cross-departmental collaboration with building out an internal stream of communication to databases using Revivn’s Webhooks and API. Thanks to accelerating events like these, device pickups, data reconciliation, and unenrollment are becoming a seamless, less time consuming process. 

“I've done a couple of hackathons in the past but this one was special in how small it was, how quickly we were able to all iterate, and that we had the dev right there in the room to answer questions and tweak things as necessary,” Dan Berman from Marqueta said. “It's a really rare thing for a dev to ask for an IT engineer's feedback, and then even more so for them to take that feedback and implement it into the product.”

With the success of this event, Revivn is eagerly anticipating how hackathons will continue to advance and pave the way for further automation. Mark your calendars for another hackathon scheduled for this fall, and if you're passionate about pushing boundaries and shaping the future of the industry, don't hesitate to express your interest in joining this exciting opportunity!

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