Donating with Purpose: How Revivn Transforms Tech for Social Good

As a certified B Corp, Revivn is dedicated to providing technological access to underserved communities. Our mission is twofold: to extend the lifecycle of outdated IT hardware by repurposing it, and to ensure that this technology services those who need it most. 

When you partner with Revivn, you’re not just disposing of your outdated hardware — you’re becoming part of a larger movement. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Revivn empowers you to make a difference and bridge the digital divide through donations. 

Putting devices into the hands that need them the most

Through our innovative direct buyback model, Revivn customers earn back funds for their unused IT hardware. You have the option to either keep these funds for your own use, or donate them to support nonprofit initiatives. These initiatives are focused on providing tech access to underserved communities, putting devices into the hands that need them the most. 

We work with hundreds of nonprofits, and our selection process is proactive and comprehensive. We draw from our existing network, and we also consider new organizations that come recommended or approach us for collaboration. 

Ensuring nonprofits have the hardware that best fulfills their needs

Our methodology involves first understanding what each organization is trying to accomplish — whether it’s building a computer lab or providing laptops to dozens of students. By identifying their technology needs and challenges, we can recommend hardware and curate donations that best addresses their needs. 

Once we have a clear understanding of those objectives, we can estimate the cost required to support those initiatives. 

Donate to a nonprofit, right in the Revivn App

You can learn more about various nonprofits and directly make a donation within our SaaS platform, the Revivn App. The process is similar to participating in a crowdfunding campaign, where you can browse detailed descriptions of each initiative and monitor their progress toward achieving their goals. Additionally, for certain 501c3 nonprofit organizations, your donation is eligible for a tax writeoff. 

Our selection includes a diverse array of nonprofits, each requiring different levels of funding. By partnering with Revivn, customers have the unique opportunity to use their earnings to support various nonprofit goals, making a significant impact in bridging technology gaps in underserved communities. 

If customers would like to donate to another nonprofit organization that isn’t listed, we welcome such initiatives. However, these organizations must undergo a thorough vetting process. This ensures we remain informed about how the technology will be used and enables us to receive and share regular updates. 

Challenges of direct hardware donations 

In the spirit of corporate social responsibility, many organizations consider directly donating their outdated hardware to nonprofit organizations, without using the services of a vendor like Revivn. However, there are several factors that make direct donations less effective and potentially problematic: 

  • Mismatched technology needs. Direct donations often fail to precisely match the specific technological needs of nonprofits. For example, while donors might want to donate their extra MacBooks to students, Chromebooks may be a much more cost-effective, practical, and impactful option for young children. Without a thorough understanding of the nonprofit’s requirements, donated technology may not optimally address their needs.   
  • Data security. Managing data security in-house can pose significant challenges and compliance risks. Proper data wiping and destruction of sensitive information from corporate IT assets require specialized tools and expertise, best provided by independent third parties. The process of preparing each device — which includes data wiping, software updates, and hardware checks — is time intensive and manual. 
  • Transportation hurdles. Transporting the technology adds another layer of logistical complexity, especially if the nonprofit is located in an area affected by political instability or conflict. This often entails additional logistical considerations to ensure safe and timely delivery.
  • Post-donation technical support. Direct donations lack a formal support system for addressing technical issues that might arise post-donation. In the event of hardware malfunctions (for example, a non-functional key), the donor may find itself unexpectedly responsible for support and repairs. 

Revivn’s role

Revivn expertly manages all aspects of the donation process, ensuring proper handling and transportation, and adhering to all compliance and regulatory requirements. Additionally, our team works hard to match hardware with specific technological needs, ensuring that your contributions make the most meaningful impact.

A common misconception is that Revivn collects your hardware, donates it in its entirety, and compensates customers for it. In reality, our role is to repurpose IT hardware, thereby extending its lifecycle. Revivn serves as an intermediary — turning outdated hardware into earnings, then converting those funds into computer donations that best align with the specific needs of nonprofit organizations. This approach gives companies increased flexibility. For example, they can choose to donate the proceeds from their first hardware pickup, but opt to keep the funds from the next one to increase their IT budget.

In addition, we actively donate to various nonprofits from our own corporate inventory. Our commitment to social good is reflected in our efforts to efficiently channel resources to where they are most needed, making a tangible impact in the communities we serve.

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