Betterment, the largest independent digital investment advisor, has been working with Revivn to successfully manage their enterprise hardware lifecycle. Kevin Becker-Torres is the Director of IT at Betterment and was looking to establish sustainable methods for managing and repurposing the company’s retired hardware.

 The problem for Kevin started with finding vendors that were able to provide proof of service and strong communication to ensure security, impact, and execution. Revivn’s white-glove service was able to make the process seamless from pickup to finish. And it’s web portal was modern and intuitive, creating the transparency and communication that was lacking from the industry at large. 

The benefit of working with Revivn doesn’t stop at just solving the problem of recycling hardware, Kevin appreciates the double bottom line of how the hardware is then donated to charities bridging the tech access gap. All of this is transparently done through the portal, and he finds it reassuring to know that Betterment’s assets are being managed appropriately and also impacting the environment and community in a positive way. 

“I like that one of the things Revivn takes on is that they are very transparent about how they use the hardware when donating to charities. Other vendors just throw it out.”

When asked why Kevin works with Revivn he had this to say:

“Betterment has a good relationship with Revivn. Revivn has never done anything shady. They just buy back the laptops and repurpose them back to the community . When they introduced the new platform, they never forced us to use the product; it was never a hard sale. In addition, the account manager we work with is great. I appreciate how seamless it has been setting up appointments and providing certificates of data destruction when we are working within compliance. Revivn is really quick to give us everything we need.”

In conclusion, Betterment was able to solve their problem of repurposing their retired hardware and more with Revivn’s white-glove service, transparent web portal, and make an impact on the environment and community.

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