Employee Spotlight: Katie Ayres

April 12, 2022

Q: Can you describe to me your position at Revivn?

A: I lead talent acquisition and am a part of building the team at Revivn.

Q: And how did you originally hear about Revivn?

A: Very randomly originally! I was living in Colorado and knew I wanted to be in New York and was drawn to the idea of a B-Corp. I had worked at a nonprofit in the past, and I really loved it but I didn't want to be in the same environment and struggle with the funding piece. I literally googled B-Corps in New York and that's how I found Revivn!

Q: Living in Colorado, was it always a goal of yours to move to New York and live and work there?

A: Not really. I love Colorado. I love the hiking, good views, and craft beer! It’s where I grew up and the place that feels most like home to me. But I’ve never really known exactly where I want to end up and I've always been open to trying new things. My sister and I moved to New York together, and it was one of those things we talked about that just stuck and it kept coming up. There was a feeling of, okay, we have to be in New York. It was very sporadic, and it happened fast, but I couldn’t be more thankful to be here. 

Q: And can you tell me a little bit about the interview process and what that looked like for you?

A:  I interviewed with one of the co-founders, John. Both John and Anthony were leading talent acquisition and doing all the hiring before me, and what I love most about them, and their style is they really care about getting to know people. The interview process was not just drilling me with a bunch of questions that they ask everyone, but they were genuinely excited to get to know me. I think that something that I've carried on throughout my own interviewing process and being trained by them is that people are the most important part. Getting to know more of the story behind someone's life and letting conversation stray away from a set list of questions, will give you more insight. People will always surprise you.  

Q: Can you tell me a little bit more about your career journey and have you always been in talent acquisition?

A: I was doing project management at a nonprofit for a while, and I’ve worked at a marketing agency. I think the biggest thing I learned through those experiences is that I just really love people. Talent acquisition has been a good fit for me because I enjoy building up our culture by inviting others into it.

Q: And then what would you say is the best part about working at Revivn?

The first thing that I noticed when I joined Revivn was how hard everyone worked and how talented the team was. The people who have come to Revivn, all come from diverse backgrounds that they look to build on. They have no problem taking on challenges and know what it's like to take a risk. It's kind of cheesy, but I do believe that you are who you surround yourself with. I always want to surround myself with people who push me and make me better. I can honestly say that everyone at Revivn inspires me, and I hope a bit of who they all are rubs off on me. So that's definitely my favorite, the people and being around that environment and energy.

Q: What would you say makes working at Revivn different than other workplaces you have worked in?

A: It's the opportunity that I think is super different. Working on a startup in a smaller team, maybe others have experienced something similar, but a year ago I would have been shocked by all the new experiences I can now say I've accomplished. Whether it's implementing new software or negotiating a contract or making a cool connection, I've grown more than I could have imagined working at a startup and specifically working at Revivn. It's definitely not sunshine and rainbows. It's a lot of hard work, but it's the personal career development that's worth it to me, and that’s what makes it unique.

Q: What is it like being the only member of the talent acquisition team - owning the process, managing the responsibilities, etc.?

A: When I first got here, I didn't know anything about talent acquisition, and I had never done this before. I really just observed, was a sponge, and took everything in. Phase two for me was building the system out, like implementing an ATS instead of trying to keep up with everything in a spreadsheet. I do a lot of my own research and figure things out on my own but John and Anthony are very good about encouraging us to go outside of the organization and really learn from other people. I have a lot of mentors, and I've made connections with people that I talk with on a monthly basis. I now have a network of people that I can ask questions to, which is huge for me. Even though I don't have my internal team, learning from people outside of Revivn has been a game-changer for me. 

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

A: I love taking walks and exploring. Trying the best neighborhood food spots is my favorite New York activity. I'm always asking Alexis, who's our office foodie, where she's gone recently. She has the best recommendations. I love spending time with friends, meeting people, and I love to read.

Q: If you could describe your Revivn experience with one word or phrase, what would that be and why?

A: I have a short phrase that I tell myself a lot when I get overwhelmed, because it's just a given, working at a startup. I always remind myself to just do the right next thing. There are always a million things going on. If I can just focus on making one good decision at a time, it helps me get through an hour, the day, the week. The little choices you make stack up.