You know that closet, table or corner in your office that has been lost to stacks of outdated monitors, tangled cables and broken laptops?  Revivn was founded with the idea that these can be a powerful source of good instead of headaches.

Revivn is a venture-backed social enterprise.  We are always looking for innovative ways to repurpose your products to do the most good for the environment, good for society and good for you.  As a certified benefit corporation, reducing waste and bridging the digital divide are core goals of our business.  Our ever-evolving engineering capabilities in software, hardware and logistics fuel the pursuit of those goals.

The electronics repurposing solution we offer is…


From our concierge – who works with you to plan and schedule a pickup – to our friendly, knowledgeable deployment team who move and pack all your electronics for you, Revivn provides the highest quality service of any IT asset disposition program.

Full Service

We accept all office electronics including phones, monitors, computers, keyboards, cables, TVs, batteries, server equipment & projectors.  Please note that A/C units and kitchen appliances like fridges & microwaves are not office electronics.  Our concierge will help you find an alternative solution for these items.

In addition to repurposing and recycling your items, Revivn provides state-of-the-art data clearing that meets both Department of Defense and NIST standards.

Available Nationwide

Today, we are proud to offer electronic repurposing pickups and technology access programs in cities nationwide including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, DC, Austin, Atlanta, Denver, Salt Lake, Phoenix, Boston & Nashville.  Next stop, the world.







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