What does Revivn do?

Revivn helps businesses across the United States by picking up your unwanted hardware and securing your data.  Our nationwide presence allows us to provide your business with white-glove service for all your offices.

We repurpose as much hardware as possible while recycling the rest with e-Stewards certified protocols.  We donate repurposed hardware to schools and impactful community programs.  We are a social enterprise on a mission to bridge the digital divide by connecting companies with excess hardware to communities in need of technology access.

Why repurpose or recycle your electronics?

Electronics waste represents 70% of toxic waste in America.  Electronics sent to landfills release dangerous pollutants over time including lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium & PVC.  Besides ensuring proper disposal of hazardous chemicals, repurposing electronics – or producing new electronics with recycled components – greatly decreases the carbon footprint of technological devices.

A company’s commitment to ethical electronics recycling helps to build a culture of giving back.  This has been shown to boost performance-related business outcomes.  Our free employee programs help you leverage your partnership with Revivn for the maximum impact on employee engagement.

How does repurposing work?

Revivn’s skilled technicians remanufacture your office hardware so that it can have another life.  Although your electronics may have lost their use in your office setting, they could revolutionize a classroom, equip a mobile medical unit with cell phones or supply a homeless shelter with a computer lab for career development.  We repurpose over 60% of hardware we receive.  This is both greener and more socially conscious than recycling.  Recycling requires completely deconstructing your items.  Compared to repurposing, this uses more energy and produces less quality jobs.

For every Revivn pickup, you will receive a certificate of data clearing and ethical recycling.  You will also receive a transparency report, detailing the inventory of your electronics waste and stating the poundage of hardware that could not be repurposed and was instead recycled.

Are donations to Revivn tax-deductible?

Currently, donations of technology to Revivn are not eligible for tax deductions.  We are looking into this for the future.  In the mean time, our concierge is happy to work with your finance and legal teams to create a program that meets your needs.

What is a certified B-Corporation?

A certified B-Corporation is a for-profit business that has a public benefit mission in addition to its business mission.  Revivn is proud to be a certified B-Corp.  We are committed to this high-growth, high-impact model of doing business.

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